I’m Tom Neish, and this is Dolly and my monkey Elliot. We’re proud to present the world’s most ethical and sustainable pet food. It‘s been a long and fascinating journey and I feel like our product can really make a difference for our pets and the planet.

I’ve been working with the pet industry for over 20 years as a designer and product developer, and over the years I’ve learned a lot about what makes a great pet food, and how much people care about their pets’ wellbeing.

I became concerned with the rise of pet foods containing ‘human grade’ meat. These premium pet foods are great products, but as the earth warms and resources dwindle should we really be feeding so much meat to our pets? I worked out that the 500 million pet dogs and cats in the world consume something like 23 billion tons of meat each year.

I love dogs (and cats), but their diet is just not very good for the environment!

As a parent, I’m concerned about climate change and I do my best to reduce my family’s meat intake, but pets are carnivores so I set out to find a solution. I had my eureka moment when I tried an energy bar made from cricket flour. It was delicious and I wondered if insects could provide the perfect protein for pets.

I reached out to some of the world’s top experts in animal nutrition and entomophagy (the study of edible insects) and after a lot of research we settled on Hermetia Illucens larvae as the most nutritious and environmentally friendly option. You can read more about our amazing grubs here.