Yora is the most innovative pet food on the market, a natural, balanced, and delicious food for all size and age dogs and adult cats. You could even say we are the leading experts in sourcing sustainable ingredients, like our novel insect protein. One of the most digestible and nutritious forms of protein on the planet. Insect protein is hypoallergenic and great for pets with any meat related food allergies or intolerances. Yora is also great for the environment, in comparison to traditional meat-based pet foods our grubs use a lot less water, land and CO2 which reduces your pets carbon pawprint!

They are fully recyclable wherever you recycle your carrier bags (kerbside, recycling centres or your local supermarket).

Our new bags are a brand-new technology with multiple layers of the same plastic, which means they are fully recyclable.

Our nutritious and delicious grubs come from Holland, from our grub farm called Protix. The reason why we source our grubs from them is because they are one of the most ethical and largest insect farmers, who have high animal welfare standards and can produce the quantities that we need. We use an EU farm for maximum transparency and so we know our products down to farm level.

We use the Larvae from The Black Soldier Fly AKA Hermetia illucens. They are amongst the world’s most ancient and nutritious sources of animal protein, and they use only a fraction of the world’s resources compared with traditional livestock. Our grubs are fed on clean vegetable compost which is the most natural and sustainable way to keep the cycle going. Hermetia illucens larvae or our grubs (as we like to call them) have been studied for years by our specialised manufacturers Protix and have found that it has incredible health benefits for many animals. They have refined and perfected every stage of the farming process to make it as efficient and humane as possible.

Our organic grubs were chosen partly because they don’t have nociceptors which make higher life forms feel pain. However, we take animal welfare and very seriously, so we have implemented a process that is as ethical as possible. There are cold water pipes that chill them down to a hibernated state. So, they fall asleep when their body temperature is too low.

It is around 120 degrees. We do the nutrition analysis post cooking to make sure we always get accurate figures, and these are very high quality with a great Pepsin digestion of protein tested along with carbohydrate stability.


We have not tested or used any harmful chemicals or substances on and for dogs or cats in the making of Yora. We work closely with several qualified nutritional consultants, an in-house nutritionist, and like all pet foods within the PFMA, we make sure the final composition has the right balance of all nutrients needed for a healthy dog or cat. We do food studies and have actually eaten each recipe ourselves before ever trying it on pets. Where possible we trial it in house before each of the foods becomes commercially available, they go through feeding trials and lab testing to ensure Yora does the maximum benefit to your pet.

The grubs are so delicious and palatable that we haven’t had to add any artificial flavours or palatants. They are delicious just the way they are. We have three different Yora treats available for purchase alongside our foods. One of which is our Rewards treats flavoured with carrot and apple. We will be launching a Yora Wet Food Range next year, 2021. This will provide a different kind or texture and flavour for your pets. So, keep an eye out for this.

“The important thing is that we feed all animals with a balanced diet. When compounded into a complete food product, insect protein offers a more sensible alternative to owners who want to offer a ‘livestock-free’ diet to their pets rather than homemade vegetarian or vegan diets which often result in poor pet health & welfare – insect-based products are palatable, nutritious and bioavailable” – Simon Doherty, President, BVA, Aug 2019.


We follow the strict guidance of the PFMA and all the essential nutrients including the amino acids, fatty acids are at great levels for a developing Puppy. We have some levels of taurine, but we actually include a high level of methionine that dogs turn into taurine too. L-carnitine is naturally occurring in the protein we use as well.

The oats are a nutritious, with a low Glycaemic Index contributing to a slow release form of energy and help to maintain healthier blood sugar levels, they are also rich in minerals and vitamins E and B. The potato we use is one of the most environmentally friendly crops. They’re rich in phytonutrients, fibre, B6 and potassium and an easily digested carbohydrate.

In a small percentage of cases, dogs will have allergies to some of the ingredients in Yora. Our food doesn’t contain any of the top 10 allergies found in dogs. It is truly one of the most hypoallergenic foods on the market.

Yora contains oats and corn from the UK. The reason why we chose these two ingredients is for their high-quality nutrition and so we can support UK agriculture and economy. We did look at using sweet potato, but most sweet potato used in pet foods commonly comes from China or Asia and is not sustainable and doesn’t support the UK economy.

Yora is Wheat, Barley and Rye gluten free which are the main gluten causing allergies. There are small traces of gluten in most cereal crops, but they are very unlikely to cause allergies.

The Glucosamine and Chondroitin are being extracted from corn and from crustaceans. But we are looking at novel forms of chondroitin and glucosamine once we get proof of their efficacy.

No, none of our food or treats have palm oil in them. We use cold pressed rapeseed oil, from a farm in Sussex called Hillfarm Oils. We have tried making our product as sustainable and nutritious as it gets.


Check out our feeding guidelines on our product pages for info on how much to feed as this depends on the age and weight of your pet.

Yora Adult All Breeds is not suitable for puppies as it is not tailored to a puppy’s needs so wouldn’t be a complete food for them. Puppies need more protein and will benefit from the added DHA for brain development and Yucca extract which reduces their stool odour.

Adult All Breeds is designed for dogs 12 months+.

Although Yora isn’t specifically designed for hedgehogs it doesn’t contain anything that would be harmful to them and it can be fed as part of a complimentary diet. We would advise soaking it in warm water to increase moisture levels and make it more palatable.